Tetsuro Komai

Tetsuro Komai  -From the Print Collection of a Haiku-poet-

5F Open Gallery
April 26 (Saturday) - September 28 (Sunday), 2008

image:Fugitive Visions

Fugitive Visions, 1951
Shunkichi Baba is a doctor and haiku poet living in Nagoya. He is also currently serving as the director of Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts. After encountering the copperplate prints of Tetsuro Komai (1920-1976) some 50 years ago, he became interested in contemporary art and began collecting works by Komai and his contemporaries.

Baba and Komai subsequently established a relationship that went far beyond that of artist and collector. It developed into the realm of intimate personal friendship between two artists: the leading engraver in the Japanese contemporary art scene and the young haiku poet. The fact that Komai bound Baba’s first collection of haiku poems titled Danmen Section attests to this friendship. This exhibition, through some 70 items, including collections of books and letters, takes a look at works of Tetsuro Komai, as seen through the eyes of Baba, as well as the relationship and exchanges between the two artists.


image:Woman Eating

Woman Eating, 1960

 Front piece of “Danmen (Section)”

Front piece of “Danmen (Section)”, 1964

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